Trading Forex can be fulfilling.

Its taken over 8 years of arduous toil to get to this point where I can confidently say this without hesitation.

Whilst it may not be for everyone, the rewards for those of us who achieve harmony between our trading skills and our inner strengths often exceed our own expectations.

For me, the key benefits of this business are:

  • The ability to trade 5 days a week anywhere so long as there is access to a decent internet service.
  • The freedom to do what I want, when I want with my family.
  • The comfort of not having to rely on any organisation and/or person for my livelihood.
  • The dignity of not having an imposed use-by date, often referred to as retirement age.

Freedom to trade from almost anywhere!

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Want Consistent Profits from the Forex Markets?

Successful Forex trading requires self-mastery and a good trading system. Trading without either is at best gambling.

StreetSmartTrading Framework

The StreetSmartTrading Framework is the result of over 8 years of research, development and testing. It leverages the experience of over 30 years of corporate life building people friendly solutions that deliver success.

The framework is built on the following principles:

  • Sound risk management techniques
  • Consistent profitable results
  • Start with $500 and grow as you learn
  • Easy to use, no specialist skills required

The 50 day challenge


Final trade of the 50 Day Challenge, trade closed out out at +73p.

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