Trading Philosophy

In our experience, becoming an effective Forex Trader is much more than following a set of rules, back testing observations against historical data and throwing money at the market.

It requires mastery over a key variable in the trading process – you.

Therefore the StreetSmartTrading philosophy is based on the Aikido principles (Japanese martial art) of unifying with your life energy (‘way of the harmonious spirit’), and getting results using the minimal amount of effort.

  • Ai – Meaning harmony
  • Ki – Meaning your inner spirit or energy
  • Do – Meaning path or system

Applying this to FOREX Trading, requires the basics of being able to:

  • Ground Yourself and removing emotion from the decision-making process.
  • Gather & Interpret the market information
  • Determine the optimal positioning and timing
  • Executing a trade with objectivity using a systemized approach.

And more importantly – having the discipline and balance to ensure that trading itself, is integrated into your way of living, in a harmonious way.

Your Results in Trading Is a Reflection of Who You Are