StreetSmartTraders Platform Subscription

The StreetSmartTraders Platform is our proprietary tool which embodies the philosophies and principles behind our FOREX trading, and supports the StreetSmartTraders Framework to help you become a more effective FOREX trader.

StreetSmartTraders Platform includes indicators that are not your standard charting indicators. They track and interpret standard indicators in very specific ways across multiple markets and currency pairs to:

  • Scan for opportunities
  • Minimise your risks
  • Maximise your profits

All our programs (Induction, Intensive, Master’s and Elite), include access to our proprietary platform for the duration of the programs + an additional bonus 30 days.

You need to have at least completed the StreetSmartTraders Intensive to get ongoing value from this.

To continue use after, there is a monthly subscription fee of $150+GST/month only so we can provide you with:

  • Ongoing live support and feedback
  • Ongoing updates including more advanced or refined trading strategies.
  • Access to the Traders Lounge

The aim is so you will continually get consistent market interpretations using the program, to minimise the risk of your trades, plus to bring in hundreds of years of combined trading experience from master-level FOREX traders.

Yes – we have set it up so you can trade successfully for the long-run!