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Every Expert began as an Amateur

Become an Effective Forex Trader

StreetSmartTrader Rock Star is the second step on our path to effective Forex trading. Its aim is to get you to the point where you ready to trade with real money.

It’s key objective is to get you consistently profitable in simulation.


This is for you if:

  • You have done your research into Forex Trading
  • Are keen to begin the journey to becoming an effective Forex Trader
  • Have completed the StreetSmartTrader Induction

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are just researching
  • Do not have the time or motivation to give it your best
  • Are looking for a get rich quick scheme

Forex Trading as a business can be rewarding but requires commitment, focus, discipline and persistence.

Here is the deal

  • This is not a get rich quick method
  • Our path is to layer in the necessary knowledge and give you the time to convert that to skill.
  • StreetSmartTraders provide the framework
  • Your more experienced fellow community members are your guides
  • You supply the effort and persistence
  • And together, we will trade that path.

See you in the community.

StreetSmartTrader Intensive

Trade effectively in 90 days

  • StreetSmartTraders Framework Fundamentals
  • Scanning the Market
  • Evaluating the opportunities
  • Timing and choosing your trades
  • Maximising your returns
  • Minimising your risks
  • Trade Sizing and Basic Strategies
  • 90 days access to StreetSmartTrading Framework and platform
  • 10 x 60 minute small group live online tutorials
  • $997 USD