My name is Ed Lee.

I am the creator of the StreetSmartTraders Framework, and founder of the StreetSmartTraders Community.

I have spent over 30 years helping government and corporate organisations leverage technology by designing people friendly frameworks and processes that deliver success.

My team and I have spent over 8 years on research and development; combining these skills and experiences with our passion for FOREX to develop a framework for trading that is founded on the following key principles:

  • Sound Risk Management techniques
  • Consistent, Repeatable and Realistic profitable results
  • No Prior or Specialised Knowledge in Forex or computing required
  • Low Investment to start

The result is a Secure and Effective Platform with No hidden costs and No B.S

But the journey to that was far from easy. Maybe you can relate to my story?

About a decade back, I stumbled across FOREX trading because I wanted to increase my cash flow. And after investing about $7000 for a course in FOREX, all I ended up doing was learning how to gamble at best. Something I could have learnt for free by doing a simple “google search.”

In fact – I lost over five figures worth of my life savings.

But I persisted, and trialled a plethora of  trading strategies and methodologies till I could consistently pull an average $2500 weekly income with $10 trades.

Now…you might be thinking that it doesn’t sound too bad. I thought so too! But therein lays the problem…

Its a stressful life of 12-15 hours days, watching the market, simply to convert $10 to $800! So much that after 3 weeks of this, I was stressed, depressed and my relationships were strained.

I Was Ready to Walk in Front of a Bus

So I walked away from FOREX trading instead. After all, I got into it to create some additional cash flow to support a lifestyle. But instead, I was trading my life away in the process.

“Trying to create a lifestyle by sacrificing life itself is illogical”

Gladly, I had the opportunity to make amends with me life, and created a more inspiring vision to give back to the community.

Fulfillment for me is the ability and opportunity to guide others, who share my passion for creating an independent lifestyle, through the Forex maze and avoid the traps that scarred me along the way.

Welcome to StreetSmartTraders!

So I took 2 years off my normal professional consulting business to build a system that was more stress free, effective and reliable so that people could use FOREX trading to support their lifestyles rather than trading it off.

It was my way to show them that:

  • FOREX trading can be fulfilling and it doesn’t have to be about gambling.
  • You could be a parent, trade and still be present for your children at home.
  • You can take control of your financial future, without having to rely on anybody else.

And having spent over 8 years of testing and trialling countless iterations and strategies, I discovered the fundamental variable that wasn’t accounted for, and was creating a lot of complications in effective trading was …

Me – I Was the One Who Was in the Way of My Success!

I realised that trading is not just about strategies and methods.

“Success in Forex trading is a combination of  knowledge, a good system and YOU.”

It became my mission to create a framework that allows the person between the chair and the computer to develop the necessary skills  to create reliable results!

Core to the success of the framework is the philosophy of communal support to help you grow  into the person you need to become to be successful trader.

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